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This policy covers:  Accidental/fire damage to your vehicle Loss of vehicle or spare parts/accessories Protection and removal after accident Third party liabilities (damage to property, death or injury) Riot and strike cover (non-political) Medical expenses cover up to a stated limit (private cars only) Personal accident cover for insured and spouse up to a stated limit (private cars only) Authority to repair damage to vehicle up to a stated limit.

These policies cover motor vehicles which are in the custody/care of motor traders against:

  • Accidental/fire damage to the vehicle.
  • Liability to third parties
  • Theft of vehicle.

This policy covers:
Third party liabilities (property, death and /or injury) only.

The policy covers you for:

  • loss or damage to the Motor Vehicle
  • liability to third parties in respect of:
    a) Death or bodily injury to any person
    b) Damage to property
  • Death or accidental bodily injury

Your vehicle is covered for theft or damage to the vehicle arising out of attempted theft, fire, collision or overturning.

The plan covers you against liability you incur in respect of death or accidental bodily injury of any third party that they may sustain directly as a result of the vehicle being used on a public road.

The Insurance provides financial protection to you or your beneficiary if you should die, or lose sight, a limb, speech, or hearing, or become paralyzed as the direct result of an accident involving the vehicle shown in the schedule as your insured vehicle.

Cover extends to include medical expenses and loss of handbag and its contents following an accident to the insured vehicle. The amount payable in respect of handbag and contents shall not exceed TZS 75,000 per accident and TZS 250,000 in the aggregate. In respect of medical expenses reimbursement will be limited to TZS 200,000 each and every accident and in the aggregate.

The Kinamama coverage plan will provide you with financial protection if your registered child dies or becomes dismembered in any circumstance, 24 hours a day if the child is of an age not exceeding 12 years provided such event is not specifically excluded by the policy or if the child dies or becomes dismembered as a direct result of an accident involving the insured vehicle.

Benefits in respect of children shall not exceed TShs 2,000,000 per child for each and every accident limited to an aggregate of TShs 7,500,000 per period of insurance.

All benefits payable are subject to the schedule of compensation attached.

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