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Make a Claim

Claim services will be undertaken through the clients’ appointed insurance broker or direct where there is no intermediary involved.

Claims shall be settled in the shortest possible time after receipt of all the required documentation.

Claim Procedure



In the event of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim, you should immediately notify us.

Claims intimation is the process of alerting the insurer when you suffer a loss. A loss can be any damage subject to compensation via insurance on your insured property. Our claims process is not comparable to any of our competitors in the market in both convenience and time it takes to settle. The steps below illustrate the procedure you are to follow when making a claim.

Claims intimation can be done via phone or email or by filling out the intimation form.



Fill out all the required documentation i.e. Claim Form, Police report and get three quotations in case of repairs.



Our experienced inspectors will then look at the extent of damage to your property and advise accordingly.



Once your claim has been discharged and discharge form duly signed, will be settled the claim by repair, replacement or cash payment.